Ukrainian Police Officers Embrace the Best European Practices in Public Order Management

PRAVO Police programme implemented by UNOPS in close coordination with the EUAM organized  a five-day training-of-trainers  workshop for the  Ukrainian special police forces. Police officers from Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Romania and Portugal shared with their Ukrainian counterparts the best practices of maintaining public order and ensuring citizens rights at the same time. Trained Ukrainian officers will serve as trainers and assist in future training events planned throughout the summer and autumn 2021 in Kharkiv, Odessa, and Dnipro.

PRAVO Police and European Union Advisory Mission supported the introduction of the ‘best European practices in public order management’ methodology that focuses on promoting dialogue and de-escalation as overarching tools. This approach is based on recognizing fundamental human rights for peaceful assembly and ensuring that people are protected from  potential violence during large-scale public events, like football matches, protests, marches or rallies.

“Police reform is a crucial component of broader rule of law reform in Ukraine, and together with the European Union, PRAVO Police is honoured to be part of the efforts to support this ongoing transformation which focuses on the delivery of modernised, efficient and human rights based policing. Specifically, the new tailored training and equipment being provided assists our National Partners in being prepared to fulfil their important duty when responding in public order situations, and in maintaining the peace whilst supporting citizens right for assembly in a safe environment” - noted Fran O’Grady, Senior Programme Manager, PRAVO Police. 

This summer, Ukrainian police public order units will receive new equipment similar to those used in many European countries. This includes, 35 specialized Public Order vehicles, five Command Public Order vehicles, 1,085 uniforms for public order units, 350 sets of personal protective equipment. In 2020 the NPU Public order units received   140 First Aid kits, 199 yellow vests and 15 megaphones procured under the PRAVO Police Programme.